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I dislike IDEs because there is too much noise and stuff I don't really use. I like my coding environment clean and entirely understandable, as little noise as possible. I get that it's great to have some helpful tools catch those pesky useless methods... But I don't really like using classes so I don't need that, and everything else seems really just something that shines in a very big codebase while I prefer keeping stuff tidy and modular with functional programming and services. So this article does little to convince me to give it a try, but maybe I will just to have some fun. Actually speed is a big factor to me since I have many different projects around so while it's useless to you, that's a big plus for me - VSCode is even a little bit too slow for my tastes these days but I won't find something better and faster unless I'm willing to use Sublime Text as a side editor.

Perhaps I should thank you for letting me know about local history.


Well, I've been using Sublime Text as my main editor for many years and I'm pretty happy with it.
I don't really why I should use VS Code or even WebStorm for my coding projects.


I don't know! I like both, VS Code just captured me with extensions - which also exist for Sublime Text btw - and the fact that it's just free.

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