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Discussion on: How do you feel about Neuralink?

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What I feel about this is that what y'all might be very much unaware of - or maybe not, which would be exciting. Is that the potential of human consciousness is far beyond any of this stuff - 1,000,000 times beyond anything AI can dream of at any time.

Human DNA is evolving and being unlocked as we speak and higher consciousness science is revolutionizing the planet with water technology, DNA technology the likes of which we have never seen.

When you take the entire picture of the world-view that transhumanism comes from - all of it, all of our research, and all of the knowledge developed and pioneered at neuralink - this is all child's play compared to what humans alone are capable of.

I would suggest a more logical approach - before we freak out and merge with AI because we feel humans aren't capable enough to deal with the world, let's maximize human potential first, UNTIL we actually hit a roadblock.

Because we're very far from hitting any roadblocks. It's just a 3D dumbed down attitude, I would say neanderthal, to believe that AI will accelerate our evolution - because all our evolution is in consciousness, not in the material, and not in mind-intelligence. A PC can already do billions of times the calculations you can do - but is it smarter than you? Not it's not, and it won't ever be. It's a linear dimension of intelligence that is extremely narrow and limited - it has no access to the other dimensions either.

It's the same mistake the old AI researchers made - they tried to "upload" themselves into computers and machines to prolong their life, but their base mistake was to believe their life to be tied to their body. When in actuality we are immortal souls incarnating over and over. Now imagine for a moment this is true - regardless of your beliefs - and Imagine my soul going "oh fuck, I just uploaded my limited being into a machine, robbing my soul of most of its capabilities and blocking evolution until that machine breaks down in a few hundred years from now" - while other souls incarnate over and over and become ascended masters in the same time, who are able to bend time and space and fly around with ETs through the universes... until they have mercy and pull the plug on you because they see the error of your ways 😂😂

What a primary mistake to make! That's why, before you try to improve yourself, try to find out who you are. Otherwise your attempts at improving a system you do not understand will end badly - as we all know from software projects.... ever tried to use guesswork and random changes to improve a system without understanding the system? How successful was that? 😂

Funny stuff. Musk AI is the same, unless some of his critics are right and he's actually just trying to mind control everyone with these things.