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Hope I'm not abusing the AMA offer by treating it as an AME.

Which cut (ordinally speaking, perhaps) are you responsible for? Since you say you're a technical interviewer rather than a recruiter can I assume yours is not the first cut? How many cuts have candidates survived prior to meeting with your scrutiny? How many cuts are downstream of yours? What is the cut rate for your step in the process (or, what is the distribution of your cut rates?)


Well I am happy to tell you that some of your assumptions are wrong, we are the first and the second filter as we don't have recruiters nor we accept referrals from recruiters or agencies, we have a mechanism called proactive application in which we expose the case study for each position, in order to apply you need to complete the case study that then goes straight to the team in which you will work and is this very same team the one interviewing you, we have a final interview that check company values and culture fit and that one is also conducted by people from the team.

I can say from the case studies we get around 10% get to the technical interview and from there like 1/10 will pass to the final one.

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