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Discussion on: What is a project, you are really proud of?

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Lorraine Lee

The most public-facing of my projects have been my browser extensions. I develop extensions for Firefox and Chromium.

  1. My favorite is Persistent Highlighter, but Facebook Usability Suite is more popular
  2. Like browser extensions in general, they're in Javascript, using the WebExtensions API.
  3. Absolutely noncommercial. I'm not going to sell my brainchildren to entrepreneur types to be turned from good-faith efforts to make browsing better, into little packets of malware.
  4. Yes, but user counts are a tiny fraction of what they were before Mozilla ditched Add-on SDK in favor of WebExtensions. I don't know if it's because Firefox is hemorrhaging audience share, or maybe using it without extensions is the thing these days. And of course everything required a major rewrite to make the transition. Many popular add-ons (and at least one of mine) literally couldn't be implemented in the new system, so I think a lot of FF users gave up either on FF or on add-ons.
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mayank joshi Author

It's like now I can Mark Important stuff in every page, not just only in some selected site.

I have to install it.

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