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Useful Vs Code extensions♨️
19 || code newbie || software engineering student || 💜 working with css
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Auto Close tag

This automatically adds a closing tag for HTML and XML making it easier on you as you don't have to repeat the same thing.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

I found this extension really helpful as it adds different matching colors to the brackets-makes sense right❓- it eases navigation in code especially if you write crap code like me😆
It's also adds some aesthetics to your code

Live Server

I would be insane if I left this widely used extension out. As the name suggest it rolls out a live development server with a live reload feature for you to view the changes you make while building websites mostly

Path intellisense

This extension can be a lifesaver especially when you are dealing with long filepath names. This enables you to write the long path names without having to memorize them.

Highlight matching tag

It highlights the matching closing and opening tags when you click on one of the tags. Find it really eases the trouble of looking for the other tag especially while doing web dev and there're so many divsss.

That's it for today have a great day 😎

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