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Dell XPS 15 ... If I am sitting at this computer I am writing software, period. Usually in the Linux subsystem and VSCode. Sometimes I plug it in to my desktop’s 4k screens on the standing desk. Usually using an ErgoDox keyboard when it isn’t on my lap.

iPad Pro 12.9 2018 for all media consumption related to code/work (twitter, blogs, tutorials, email, slack, etc), but rarely anything personal and I have separate dev accounts for social media and personal stuff. Turns out I can type really fast on this thing’s on screen keyboard :)

Pixel3 XL for all time wasting and personal stuff, but with digital wellbeing on to limit how much time I actually waste. Also streams music to my headphones and for calls, but notifications are turned off for all apps (soooo nice)

Kindle Voyage exclusively for learning and kept in my ‘work’ backpack. Even the kindle app on the iPad is too distracting for me

Kindle paper white for entertainment reading

And a monster desktop gaming rig, really just used for Factorio these days :)

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