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Risk management in retail - supply chain disruptions

Retail risk management is a serious issue that should not be overlooked. The consequences may be destructive affecting all business processes even leading to the breakdown. According to Deloitte report more than 80% of supply chain disruptions occur due to absence of solid software support.
How can technology contribute to the rapid risk mitigation:

  • Quick and detailed data collecting, capturing and analysis. It allows extracting valuable insights, based on which it is possible to make forecasts, build strategy and uncover the weak points that need special attention. -Ability to analyze and evaluate the capacity and resources allocation.
  • Enhance security and accuracy. -Forecast the risks and elaborate on risk management strategies.
  • AI driven automation enhances the warehouse efficiency.
  • Data-driven decision-making. Implementation of technology proved to be extremely efficient. And it is still not the full list of benefits the risk management software provides. The thing is that, retail business owners only see the tags and cannot fully appreciate the benefits, which digitalization may provide. For more insights, see the article on Efficient supply chain risk management strategies

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