Coding my first game with JavaScript: Simon says

Nadine M. Thêry on June 18, 2019

The challenge So, I've decided to walk my path into Web Development with the Web Development Course of Angela Yu on Udemy. And this is o... [Read Full]
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I just played and got to 11. This version is a little different from other Simons I have played. In other versions, such as the one in this YouTube clip play the entire sequence to begin each round. Perhaps, this tutorial wanted to leave that part out because it adds more complexity. Not important really, just something I noticed.

What caught my eye was reflection/frustration part of your article. I just came over to read a few articles after running into a rough patch in my current project and throwing my hands up. It sounds like your on the right track though.


Hi!! Yes, I noticed that too. It is actually harder this way isn't it haha?
It wouldn't be that hard to make it play the whole sequence first.
This I just said sounds like the things that you think only takes a few minutes and keeps you up all night haha.
I felt that I needed to share the frustration part. My dev friends said to me that it is feeling I will constantly feel hehehe. So I think it is good to say all the newbies that frustration is good, as long as you overcome it.

Did you manage to solve your problem at the end?


I didn't. I put it on a lengthy todo list!! I am still a relative newbie (2+ years in), but I would say I run into some sort of small frustration daily. As time goes by though, I notice more moments of self gratification when I do figure out whatever the problem is.

Sure! Conflict makes us grow. That's what psychologists say about couples. I guess we can say the same about code. Haha

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