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Finally Getting Away from Tutorial Hell

narhkpodo profile image Daniel Narh ・1 min read

By the way, this is my first post on dev.

I won't call myself a newbie because I have been programming for quite sometime now. The sad thing is I don"t have any real-world project to show because I have been stuck in this endless loop of tutorial purgatory.

Just today, I decided that if am going to get a job as a developer, I have to overcome my fears, doubts, and thoughts of not being good enough. I just deleted over 20gb of tutorials I hope to complete before starting projects. What a shame! That's okay.

Tutorial hell has paralyzed me for a long time, and from today I have promised myself that I don't have to know all the pieces before starting a project. I will google the missing pieces, StackOverflow as I go, and only watch a tutorial when I need a feature for my projects.

I am giving myself permission to fail, and I hope to be the best version of myself.

Feel free to share with me how tutorial hell has affected you and any thoughts on how I can improve overall as a developer.

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