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Discussion on: Do you workout son!? 🧐 🏋️

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Naseki • Edited

Haha, diet advice on!

I already did what you said. I never really liked sweet things like sugary food in the first place, I was on a strict keto diet for 3 months (recommended by my doctor) and my carbs intake is currently still limited. My fat levels were also already low, so that was definitely not an issue. It's just not working out I guess. 😅

You say you completely cut off on flour products. Do you mean you did that permanently? That's really impressive. 😄 I don't think I use a lot of products that contain wheat nowadays, since I mainly use alternatives, but I don't see myself never eating wheat bread ever again. I only have bread about once a month but I still absolutely love it lol!

I don't really know much about this kinda stuff, but people always say that just healthy food and moving a lot don't work separately. You have to do both. And I'm mostly missing the moving part. 😂

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Daniel Krupnyy Author

Free diet and workout advices for all 😆
Well, I did my diet for 3 months and that was enough. Now I'm eating sugar and etc. but once a week.