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Thanks for sharing.
Unfortunately, the same story with smoking. We used to use the smoking area as a social bonding opportunity, and smoke together. There we'd discuss the problems we were having and, for some reason, everyone would be much more helpful!
Once I stopped smoking, I was less involved, and my colleagues would ask me if I was "down" or something whereas all I was trying to do was to avoid being in that situation. Unfortunately, I went back to smoking and didn't stop until I completely moved away from there about 1 year later.

So as an ex-smoker, I really understand what it means to try to stop a bad habit and then being seen as a downer, but at the same time, I am really happy that you've managed to stay strong and haven't made an excuse like I did back then :-)


I smoked too, and have been smoke free for a bit over a year now, and by this time in quitting alcohol, I never really got strong cravings anymore, and never almost wanted to cave, but with cigs... oh boy, even now I want one. Nicotine is the fucking devil.

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