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API Integration with Lightspeed Cart

The development of API integration with Lightspeed is a must-have for software providers who want to succeed on the market in 2021. In this article, we will explore what a Lightspeed API integration is, how exactly it works, and how it is possible to develop seamless integration with this cart solution.

Any software provider who wants to take their business to new success levels should focus on eCommerce integration. Keep reading to find out why a Lightspeed API integration is an essential part of any eCommerce business.

What You Should Know about Lightspeed

Lightspeed is a modern, cloud-based and convenient solution with an attractive user interface. Although this platform is relatively new, it has already reached 15,000 live sites. This platform is popular in the Netherlands. It ranks sixth in popularity there, and it ranks ninth in popularity in Belgium.

The future of Lightspeed is so overwhelmingly bright. You can benefit a lot if you can get your software in front of people who use it. To do that, you need to implement a safe and secure integration with Lightspeed API.

Lightspeed API

An API allows two separate applications to exchange information with one another. If you’re an eCommerce software provider, and your target audience uses specific shopping platforms, using an API will allow you to get access to the data from those platforms.

Using Lightspeed API provides a way to connect third-party services directly to this platform. Lightspeed’s REST-based architecture makes it simple to send requests and get responses.

Retrieving, creating, changing, and deleting data from the Lightspeed stores is possible with the help of Lightspeed API and HTTP request methods like, for example, GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

Integration with Lightspeed is about connecting your system to Lightspeed so your software can access products, orders, shipping info, etc., from it. This data will help you run your eCommerce software business and offer your services to Lightspeed users.

Lightspeed Integration Difficulties

Every eCommerce cart solution has its own specific logic and architecture. This also applies to Lightspeed. Because each integration is unique, there may be some integration difficulties.

Let’s take a close look at the most common issues that can crop up when integrating your software with Lightspeed:
The level of technical complexity is quite high and shouldn’t be underestimated. You’ll need programming knowledge and certain skills to integrate Lightspeed directly.

It takes time to perform the integration. If you’re building the integration yourself, you’ll need more than a few weeks to complete it. The amount of work involved can make you feel like giving up, especially when you have a small developer team.

It’s extremely expensive. Depending on the difficulty of the integration, it can cost over a thousand dollars. In addition to the cost of setting up an integration, you need to factor in upgrades, maintenance, and support. For most eCommerce software solutions, the cost of integrating with only one platform is way too high.

How to Build the Connection with Lightspeed?

As you can see, if you try to develop the integration with Lightspeed API yourself, you will have to deal with a lot of problems. If you try to scale up and integrate with many platforms at once, it’ll be extremely difficult to do. But, don’t have to go so far.

Using the API2Cart service, you can ensure a secure, reliable connection between your software and Lightspeed cart solution.

Alt Text

API2Cart is a unified shopping cart data interface that can connect your software or app with the APIs of over 40 shopping platforms at once. Usage of API2Cart allows you to easily integrate your system with all of the most essential eCommerce platforms like Lightspeed.

API2Cart makes it possible for you to avoid all the integration challenges related to the Lightspeed API. You can use API2Cart API methods to pull out specific data from Lightspeed stores.

For example, you can use such API2Cart API methods for managing Lightspeed data:

  • for working with cart data: cart.create, cart.list, cart.validate
  • for working with product details:, product.list, product.count
  • for working with Lightspeed order info: order.count, order.list,
  • for working with shipments: order.shipment.tracking.add, order.shipment.list

More info about each of the methods you can find in API2Cart API Docs.


Connecting to the Lightspeed API is a must for any company looking to grow and scale in 2021 and beyond.

With API2Cart, you can integrate with various shopping platforms like Lightspeed in just a few days. Sign up for a 30-day free trial of API2Cart today and see how much your software business can grow with it.

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