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eBay Marketplace API Integration: Main Aspects

Natalia API2Cart
API fan and enthusiast.
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We live in an age where eCommerce software providers who work in such spheres as marketing automation, shipping, order and inventory management, pricing, etc., are struggling to stay ahead of the competition.

Of course, with eCommerce growing day by day, we can only assume that skilled software vendors who are not afraid to invest in their customers’ satisfaction will only grow and expand. If you are part of those companies willing to innovate and get an edge over your direct competitors, you should consider an eBay marketplace API integration.

Now, eBay is undoubtedly the best marketplace you want to integrate your software with. Once you’re integrated with it, you’ll be able to propose your eCommerce solution to millions of eBay sellers.

In this article, we are going to explore all the benefits you will receive from eBay marketplace integration development. Also, we will dive deeper into how an eBay API works.

What is eBay Marketplace API Integration?

According to recent stats, eBay has over 182 million shop owners at a worldwide level. In the US, eBay won the bronze medal back in 2019, being the third most preferred eCommerce platform. With over 1 billion listings, eBay is growing like crazy and might soon overtake Amazon in certain areas of the globe.

Integration with this huge marketplace involves connecting your software with eBay API. Basically, this connection enables your company to gain access to the actual data used by your customers, eCommerce shop owners who are using eBay for selling their products. This data includes info about orders, products, shipments, prices, inventory, taxes, and the list goes on.

So, while eBay stands true to its name and provides sellers with the best solutions, support, and platform to expand their businesses and grow their profits, you can stand true to your business’ name and provide the highest-quality automation features to your target niche. By being able to work with eBay data, you’ll also be able to provide superior services to your eCommerce shop owners, which will be able to better serve their own customers.

Truth be told, any software solution, such as pricing, multichannel, order management, inventory management, can use strong, reliable eBay API integration in order to expand their customer base and boost revenues. Now, let’s go deeper and let us show you how you can practically develop a long-term integration with the eBay marketplace.

How to Develop an Integration with eBay?

When it comes to setting an eBay marketplace API integration, things are pretty simple and straightforward. You can either go with in-house development or choose a third-party API integration service. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each of these methods.

1) In-house development


  • More control over the process
  • Freedom to choose the integrations you desire


  • Extremely tedious process that can take weeks
  • The costs associated with in-house development are huge and can amount to over $10k for just a single platform
  • You need to hire a team of experts who can also offer continual support
  • eBay’s API uses sandbox, which is quite tricky and requires a skilled developer who can overcome obstacles and solve bugs
  • The maintenance is a complicated process and requires extra support and money investment

2) Using a third-party service


  • Quickly integration with multiple eCommerce platforms and marketplaces
  • Economy of over 70% of costs involved
  • Constant maintenance and upgrading of developed integration
  • Safety and peace of mind, knowing that your connection is in good hands

As you can notice, establishing a proper API connection with eBay is quite a tedious process, especially if you choose to use an in-house team or work with an external team of developers. Using a third-party service is a much better alternative that comes with no cons whatsoever and allows you to leverage two of the most important benefits your business needs: enjoy a secure integration quickly and affordably.

One of the top third-party services you can use for your eBay integration development is API2Cart. This is a modern unified shopping cart data interface that allows you to leverage the benefits of a safe and quick integration with eBay and other 40+ marketplaces and platforms.

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With API2Cart, you won’t have to go through the downfalls of developing a manual integration with eBay. Instead, you’ll simply connect your software with API2Cart, and then you have access to all the data from the supported marketplaces and shopping platforms.


There is little doubt that integration with eBay is a must-have in 2021, especially for software providers that want to ramp up their businesses and expand into new markets. API2Cart offers you seamless integration with eBay and 40 other platforms and has over 100 API methods for working with data.

API2Cart offers you all the benefits of seamless integration with eBay API and comes with additional benefits that you won’t find at other third-party integration tools. In addition to the flexible pricing, you can use this service for free and test it over a period of 30 days. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact API2Cart managers.

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