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How to Integrate with Etsy in a Few Steps

Today, Etsy is used at a global scale to sell physical, handmade products to tens of millions of people from all over the globe. This marketplace comes with a unique selling proposition that entices hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and sellers to get their sites up and ready and start tapping into the vast market of handmade item lovers.

Retailers using Etsy love this marketplace and continue to invest big to automate and streamline their operations. This presents a massive opportunity for software owners, who can now promote their services to this rich, needy market. As an eCommerce software business owner, you can dramatically enhance your software’s functionalities by performing an integration with Etsy.

In this article, we’re going to dive deeper into how your solution, whether shipping management, WMS, marketing automation, pricing, inventory management, or repricing software, can tap into this huge market of Etsy sellers and expand into new verticals.

Why is Etsy Such a Successful Marketplace Today?

Founded back in 2005 in New York with the purpose of connecting handmade product owners to buyers worldwide, Etsy has soon grown into one of the biggest marketplaces. On Etsy, sellers can easily organize their goods into categories and create special offers for loyal customers.

People from all around the globe perceive Etsy as an antidote to global mass production and corporate branding. They are willing to spend a little more to get their hands on unique, handcrafted products. The Coronavirus outbreak has driven the growth at Etsy even higher, enabling it to reach a whopping 4.3 million sellers worldwide in 2020 from 2.6 million back in 2019.

As an eCommerce software company, you can dramatically increase your market share and enlarge your pool of customers by becoming part of this growing marketplace. You need to perform a viable Etsy integration and tie your service to the Etsy API for that to happen. Let’s dive deeper into this subject.

What Actually is Etsy eCommerce Integration?

The integration with Etsy is a process that involves connecting a software or application with this marketplace to extract data related to orders, customers, products, taxes, shipments, or baskets. As a software provider, once you manage to complete the Etsy eCommerce integration, you’ll be able to manage your clients' e-store data easily.

Because access to necessary data is vital for the success of any business, integrating your solution with Etsy and the possibility to manage Etsy info will allow you to make your software much better than those of your competitors.

Etsy integration is perfect for modern software providers who propose chatbot systems, pricing software, multichannel solutions, WMS, inventory management software, etc. As a software provider for the eCommerce industry, you can capitalize on the following benefits for your company:

  • Greatly expand your market share and outperform your competitors by gaining access to sellers from over 264 countries worldwide
  • Gain access to over 4 million potential customers and enhance your pool of clients
  • Find new, innovative ways to extract and manipulate data by working directly with the information of your clients
  • Improve the functionalities of your software by adding new features to it based on the feedback received from your customers
  • Boost your profits by selling your solution to a huge market of prospective buyers

What are Some of the Etsy Integration Difficulties You Should Expect?

Setting up an Etsy integration is a difficult task that comes with a multitude of pitfalls. Hence the reason not too many eCommerce software providers are keen on investing time and money into this process.

Etsy is a marketplace that has its architecture and logic. The API is complex, and setting up a connection requires specific skills and procedures that only experienced developers possess. Even if the integration is completed after a few weeks and with minimal costs (usually the integration costs over $10.000 in developer fees and maintenance), the upcoming connection improvement and security could cost a small fortune.

Regarding the Etsy integration, we should also mention the Etsy API documentation, which is far from perfect. This documentation does not include all the necessary information, causing many developers to waste precious time. To top it all, the behavior of the Etsy API can change without any prior notice, leading to further complications.

The Etsy API lacks the proper connection between images and product variants, so extracting data might prove to be quite a complex process. Overcoming this bug requires complex knowledge.

The great news is that you can avoid all of these Etsy integration difficulties by using a powerful solution called API2Cart. Let’s explore together how API2Cart can help you save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run and drastically reduce the time it takes to connect your solution to Etsy.

How Can API2Cart Simplify the Etsy Integration Process?

You definitely don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars or waste weeks performing a manual Etsy integration. API2Cart offers you the perfect alternative by allowing you to connect your platform with Etsy and 40+ other shopping platforms in a matter of days.

This unified shopping cart data interface works by connecting your software once with APIs of multiple shopping platforms and marketplaces. Through this connection, you can seamlessly access the data from the stores based on them.

Using API2Cart API methods, you’ll be able to modify, add, update and delete Etsy data related to the products, prices, categories, orders, etc.

Try API2Cart for free now and see how it works for your business. Perform a reliable Etsy integration and enhance your software’s functionalities and you’ll be able to outsmart your competitors.

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