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Import Orders from Etsy: How to Do It Automatically

Various eCommerce software help the online store owners to manage their orders, order statuses, sync inventory, update stock and perform similar functions with ease.

However, for such systems to work seamlessly and provide their core functionality to the store owners, it is vital to have access to order data from eCommerce marketplaces like Etsy. As an eCommerce software provider, if you are willing to target Etsy store owners, you need to import orders from Etsy to provide them with your solution functionality.

The Importance of Accessing Etsy Order Data

As an eCommerce software provider, you need to understand why you should import orders from Etsy. Different eCommerce solutions use order data to perform their designated functions. For example:

Order management systems use order data to sync inventory across various sales channels of the e-retailers. If the retailer has built their stores on two platforms - Etsy and Magento, with an order management system, they can sync and update their product info on both platforms at once.

Shipping management solutions use order data to allow store owners to monitor and sync inventory levels and create shipments and shipping labels. The software needs to import orders from Etsy and other similar eCommerce marketplaces and platforms for such functionality.

Accounting software uses order data from eCommerce platforms to create invoices for the e-store customers.

ERP systems use order data to allow store owners to automatically update order statuses, create shipments, provide analysis for orders, and more.

The ability to get orders from Etsy and work with the same can be attained only via API integration development between B2B eCommerce software and Etsy marketplace. Without such integration, access to order data from Etsy stores is not possible, and the software vendors cannot propose their solutions to the store owners.

Etsy API Specifics

Etsy API, in simple terms, is the intermediary that allows software developers to connect with this marketplace and access its data. To integrate their software with Etsy API, developers need to create an account on Etsy and get an API key during successful app registration. With the help of API documentation provided by Etsy, the process of integration development can be a little bit easier.

Etsy API provides a RESTful interface and supports JSON format to access the various sources of the Etsy marketplace like listings, profiles, sales data, etc. In addition, it uses OAuth as an authentication method to give the developers both read and write access over its user data.

In Etsy API, the requests can be made through RESTful calling style, which uses standard HTTP calls. For responses, it uses common HTTP status codes indicating the success or failure of the calls. In addition, it uses four standard methods - GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE for action against each Etsy resource.

Etsy Integration Development

Etsy integration development establishes a connection between Etsy marketplace and specific software like order management systems, inventory management software, WMS, shipping management solutions, etc. Having integration with Etsy, software providers can easily import orders from Etsy and access data related to customers, products, shipments, categories, etc.

With integration, you will be able to provide more advanced functionality to your customers who have their stores on Etsy marketplace. It is beneficial for various types of eCommerce software.

It is possible to benefit from Etsy integration development in multiple ways:

  • You can expand your customer base after integrating with Etsy marketplace. The platform has more than 2 million active sellers who will need your software solutions one or the other way.

  • Etsy has its presence in more than 200 countries; you can expand your market share significantly in these countries.

  • After integration with Etsy, you can access and manage all sorts of data from the marketplace connected to orders, customers, products, categories, etc.

  • When you crack deals with more customers, it’s no doubt more profits for your business.

How to Import Orders with Etsy?

It’s challenging to import orders from Etsy as integration is complex, time-consuming, and costly. An individual integration can take 4-8 weeks and around 4000 dollars to develop.

The easiest way to develop integration with Etsy and import orders from this marketplace is to use API2Cart. It provides a unified API that can connect your software with more than 40 eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, including Etsy, at once.

API2Cart eliminates the need to establish integration individually, saving you significantly from spending a fortune on integration development. In addition, with API2Cart, you can connect with several platforms like Etsy, Magento, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc.

Moreover, API2Cart also looks after the maintenance and upgrades required when Etsy or other platform updates its API.

API2Cart has some special API methods to import orders from Etsy marketplace. Take a look at them:

  • - This method allows software vendors to retrieve a specific order with related information from all the online stores listed on Etsy.

  • order.list - This method allows receiving a list of orders from the stores based on Etsy. It returns four orders by default.


To work with order data and propose your eCommerce software to Etsy online store owners, you need to be able to import orders from this marketplace. The best way to automate the process is to develop an API integration between your eCommerce software and Etsy API. It allows you to access and manage all the data related to orders, customers, products, and categories.

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