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Product API: Why and How to Get Product Data from Shopping Platforms

With the rise of the eCommerce industry, B2B software and application providers are facing stiff competition. Many software vendors out there offer eCommerce business owners feature-rich systems to seamlessly manage their online stores.

If you're also an eCommerce software provider struggling to gain traction in the market, it's time to make the switch to eCommerce integration development. It is the process of connecting your software with the eCommerce platforms on which your potential customers have built their online stores. Integrating with multiple platforms like Magento, Shopify, etc., allows your software to get product, order data, run its core functionality and sell better than competing products.

In this article, we will explore the importance of developing integration with various eCommerce platforms. We will also show you how to easily access their product APIs.

Why do eCommerce Software Require the Product Data from Shopping Platforms?

Without product data, eCommerce software cannot provide online store owners with the functionality they need. Therefore, such solutions need to integrate with the product API of shopping platforms to retrieve product data from the online stores based on them. Let’s take a look at how product data helps software vendors perform their key functions and collaborate effectively with online sellers effectively.

Multi-channel software

Multi-channel software use product data from shopping platforms to create multiple product listings across those platforms from one place. They connect to the product API of all platforms to access the data and then manage and update the listings.

Marketing automation software

Marketing automation software use product data from eCommerce platforms to send automated emails to the e-store customers about product recommendations, discounts, special offers, and new products.

Inventory management systems

Inventory management systems use product data to track the number of items sold and in stock everyday so e-retailers can be sure about available products while accepting orders.


Product information systems, as the name implies, leverage product data from eCommerce platforms to help e-retailers create product catalogues, synchronise product data across different sales channels, and provide detailed product analytics.


Chatbots integrate with the product API of eCommerce platforms to be able to get product data for helping the self-service initiatives of the platforms. Chatbots use these data to let customers know everything about e-store products.

Dropshipping automation software

Dropshipping automation software require product data from shopping platforms so they can automatically add products to dropshipping stores. Without such data, dropshipping automation is unthinkable.

POS Solutions

Point-of-sale solutions use product data to synchronize data uploads and improve the checkout experience.

Product API: How to Get All the Necessary Product Details

You can get product data from eCommerce stores only with the help of eCommerce integration between your B2B software and shopping platforms. Here are some product APIs from shopping platforms that help to retrieve product data from those platforms.

Shopify Product APIs

Shopify Product APIs allow you to create and update products in the e-retailer's store. It also allows you to use product variants along with the product resource, so you can create and update different versions of the same product with their images.

WooCommerce Product APIs

WooCommerce Product APIs let you create, update, delete or just view individual and a range of products across all customer stores. It handles all of these requests in JSON format.

BigCommerce Product APIs

BigCommerce Product APIs allow users to separately retrieve, create, update, and delete product information using specific filters.

Ecwid Product APIs

Ecwid Product APIs helps you search, create, modify and delete all types of products in an Ecwid store.

To establish a robust connection between your software and the product APIs of eCommerce platforms, you need a data integration solution like API2Cart.

With API2Cart, which provides more than 100 API methods for managing e-store data, you can easily integrate your eCommerce software with more than 40 shopping platforms at once. These platforms include PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, Amazon, Hybris, eBay, etc.

API2Cart Methods to Get Products from Various eCommerce Platforms

Let's take a look at what API2Cart API methods that help eCommerce software connect to the product API of shopping platforms and access all product data.

  • product.list - This method allows eCommerce software providers to access a list of all the products on the online store. By default, it returns 10 products and the software providers can pass required parameters to retrieve more products from the store.

  • - This method allows software vendors to access all the information related to the specific product from the online store. It allows you to retrieve product name, image, description, price, and anything related to product.

These API2Cart methods make it possible for the eCommerce software providers to handle product data from all shopping platforms and let the software perform its core functions.

API2Cart gives software vendors full control over product data so they can add, update, delete and retrieve products as and when e-retailers need.


Gaining an advantage in the fast-paced world of eCommerce is extremely difficult if you don't have the right tools at your fingertips. With eCommerce integration between the shopping platforms and your eCommerce software, you can showcase all the benefits of your software to potential customers and gain a competitive edge over others.

All you need is to partner with the right API integration service providers like API2Cart who can help you with all the integrations without investing much time, money and resources. API2Cart is a cost-effective and all-inclusive solution to your integration problems.

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