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Discussion on: How much experience you had, when you got your first dev job?

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Nathan Hedglin

Some, sorta. I had an AAS in programming and did very limited consulting work for small companies (I wrote some code but was mainly consulting, research etc) looking to use Phonegap for their mobile apps. Mainly it was my YouTube series (which is how I got hired by said companies) that got attention. I think it showed initiative.

The 'requirements' are the companies' pipe dreams. I can't count how many '4 year degree required' jobs I've had only having an AAS.

My ex-wife had family that had a small dev shop, that's how I got my first job right after college. It was terrible, hourly with no benefits and then later got hours cut. After 7 months I was able to move back to my home state and landed a solid, real job, the rest is history.