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re: The part that sold me on him having no idea what he's talking about is him saying that the "i" key is worn on coder's keyboards. How many times do...

Maybe he thinks that all 10x coders use Vim?


Don't they? You have to be some kind of masochistic unicorn to use Vim all day 😂🦄

I've seen some people grind out incredible amounts of code in modern, windowed versions of vim, and myself cranked out tens of thosuands of lines using little more than a pile of xterm windows and elvis, an older, now obsolete vi clone.

Now I use Visual Studio Code after a long stint in SublimeText and TextMate, but to each their own.


I don't think i would be the most worn out, probably esc but then again most serious 10X programmers shouldn't have labels on their keys lol.


I use Vim and I categorise myself as an 11x coder.

I use Java and categorise myself as an ArithmeticException coder

I use Vim and I categorise myself as an 11x coder.

Is that binary?


10x engineers avoid innovative, feature rich editors like VSCode.

They also would never develop on any platform that use custom IDEs like mobile app dev.

And seriously, the notion that great engineers don't communicate with the rest of the team is ridiculous.

On the other hand, I'm feeling like the joke is sort of on all of us for getting so worked up over such a trolling set of tweets (intentional or not)

Beyond ridiculous. I also think is actually for the best, it not only showed that the community is very supportive and responsive but that as a whole most of tech is moving STRONGLY against a lot of these toxic stereotypes, patronizing and pretenses.

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