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re: Build a JWT Authenticated API with Lumen(v5.8) VIEW POST

re: Nice tutorial, very clear and straight to the point. My worry is why the dev-develope branch? The main branch, does it have an issue?

For some reason the dev-develop branch has always worked for new versions of lumen, the next best thing would be version @2.0-dev


Ok thanks. I tried using the default and it keeps failing and when i use dev-develop, it worked well.

Thanks again for the tutorial, nice, easy and straight to the point.

I come again with one question. If i log into different devices, eg 4 different clients and have 4 different tokens, will all 4 be valid simultaneously? If not, what will you suggest to be done to ensure multiple tokens are valid across different devices.


Every Token Generated that is yet to expired is valid; So yes, a user can have multiple tokens across multiple devices.

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