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Here's the advice that I follow:

  1. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, as research now indicates we all need around 8 hours of restorative sleep to be productive.

  2. Coffee.

  3. Make sure you have eaten a good breakfast with protein, fat, and complex carbs. This will carry you throughout the day. You can't feel energetic if you have no food to burn for energy.

  4. Coffee.

  5. Make sure you're hydrated, as the symptoms of dehydration as similar to the symptoms of fatigue.

  6. Coffee.

  7. Take a multivitamin. The research is all over the place with this, but ultimately it's just making sure that your body isn't missing some key trace element that is causing your mind and body to perform.

  8. Coffee.

  9. If your head is not in the game, try to figure out what is bothering you and deal with it.

  10. Espresso, 'cause too much coffee is bad for you.


I’d change coffee with pure water... it’s much healthier and the brain needs it ☺️


The multivitamin is a good idea, but make sure it has your basic minerals and stuff to because most people are low in some of those. I used to get/be sick all the time because of that. Also the research I have done has lead me to believe most vitamins out there are not as effective as they could be because they are not in the form your body knows how to really make use of them. MegaFoods is supposed to be some of the best. They put the vitamins and minerals in the plant soil. Then the plants absorb the nutrients and change them into a form we can use. The company makes the vitamins and minerals from the plants. Theirs are non GMO and they use a lot of organic (not enough to be classified as such), and they use a lot of local farmers. The cheapest place I have found to buy them is our local Sprouts store.

Another thing might be good to take in addition to this is vitamin D. Many doctors tend to not be proponents of taking a multivitamin because many of them are not convinced the evidence supports that they are helpful. That is kind of a typical western doctor thing and shouldn't really be taken as strong evidence they can't be effective. However, even for many of those same doctors, the evidence is strong enough for them to recommend taking vitamin D. It is hard to get enough of it safely from sun exposure, although that may be possible if you have enough antioxidants in your diet.


As someone who has far better energy levels when not addicted to caffeine, I have to caution against the abuse of what is our most commonly used stimulant drug.
Too much caffeine consumption (and then not maintaining or upping your levels) can also cause feelings of fatigue and burnout.


Yeah, coffee’s okay for me but it’s a seriously addictive drug and its benefits wear off over time.

Coffee cleanse can go a long way.

I quit smoking a few years ago. That was difficult, but definitely not impossible as I had lots of practice having quit multiple times over the years.

Waking up and not putting on the kettle and loading up the press.... is... what kind of morning is that? What is the point? YOU'LL NEVER TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME BEN*.

*Apologies for using your first name like we know each other, but I think it was necessary to drive the point home.


How can you even go to sleep with that much coffee within a day? :D


Those are nice advice, but what can someone use if he is not a coffee fan?


Some people like neutropics. I have not tried them yet, and I used to feel like this was just a way of self medicating, and not in a good way, but I recently heard a podcast that changed my mind about it, and I followed that up with research that even more convinced me it can be good. One good one is Aplpha Brain. They have a free trial. The podcast said it is either a hit or miss and this is why it only has about a 3 star rating, it either does wonders for you or basically does nothing. So you have to try it to find out since everyone's body is different. There are others you can try if that one doesn't work for you. The research I did suggested they are more natural and good for you and less of an experimental drug then drinking coffee. Although you should always be careful who you buy stuff like this from and I can't guarantee it is not somehow bad for you personally. Both of the people on this podcast now drink/need a lot less coffee now that they take these regularly.


As a "Cuban-American"(The term always makes me chuckle) I personally always drank cuban-coffee(espresso). I highly recommend anybody who loves/likes coffee to drink a shot or two, of straight cuban coffee with sugar. It really lights the fuels for first-timers. I recommend la lleve or bustelo.


The first time I drank Cuban coffee, I felt like I had snorted a line of cocaine. LOL. Seriously. However, if you continue drinking it, you get used to it. It's really good stuff.


Just my 2 cents regarding coffee. During the past 10 years, I've developed such addiction that I can't even observe these positive effects of caffeine. Now it just affects my sleep, digestion processes so I can only perceive the great taste of coffee, nothing more 😀 I've decided to stop, radically. This is my third week without any caffeine and I feel ... the same. Productivity is still at the same level.


Hi Neil!

When I don't have enough sleep I list all the tasks that I have to do and next to each one I write the "why I have to do this specific task?". Then I take a cup of coffe and tacke one by one listening game soundtrack on Youtube or Spotify.

This work for me in the hardest day that the only thing that I want to do is sleep haha.

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