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Looked at through the lens of a false sense of security, the entire tech industry is one big bubble of mutually assured delusion. Almost everything that is a mainstream approach in the tech industry is meant to virtue-signal a thing, rather than actually be a thing. The question would be easier to answer if you asked, "Is there anything in the tech industry that has any real substance or is everything just a smokescreen to make ourselves feel like we're doing the right thing?"


While I tend to take a less pessimistic view of the industry (I have to; I just graduated after all. I don't want the last four years to be a waste), I more and more get the sense that everything we rely on on a daily basis runs on unicorn tears & a prayer. The left pad incident comes to mind. I also get the feeling that there is an immeasurable amount of legacy code out there that props up just about everything, that there's just nobody around anymore who knows it well.

On a more optimistic note, we've learned a lot from things like left pad. We, as a whole, have made a push to write better code that's more maintainable and documented. I think the Open Source movement has done a lot for that. We're always working to have more reliable and foolproof systems. Sure, we're so far away from that, but there's no such thing as perfection, even though we're perpetually approaching it.

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