I pulled this from the medium article:

I will also admit that I’m angry. Very angry.

Discussing technical matters from an emotional standpoint rarely leads to a productive discussion.

The article is clickbait designed to trigger the pro-OOP reader and reinforce the anti-OOP reader's confirmation bais'. Sadly, this type of content is the most popular type of writing on the internet.

If you would like a far more boring yet trigger-free piece of content on the topic, you can read my Quora answer to "Is there currently a backlash against object-oriented programming in the software development industry?". I was unemotional when I wrote my answer, and it was not my goal to trigger anyone else.

As for the author of the piece, they shouldn't be angry that they don't know how to code effectively in a particular paradigm. It's ok to be a novice, as that's where we start when we are learning something new. That said, a modern developer should be flexible enough to switch between multiple paradigms depending on the nature of the problem their solving.

The world is only black-and-white to novices who are trying to make sense of a vast sea of overwhelming information. Over time, your brain adapts such that it is able to exist in grey areas where there are no clear right-or-wrong answers, also known as reality.


Thank you. I'm not really active on the web (as it said, I'm mostly in read-only mode), so when I got banned, first thing came to my mind was "What I did wrong?". Your comment does sounds cold-minded, I will read your Quora answer


Getting banned means, "I don't care what you have to say and don't want to hear you say it anymore." Fair enough - people have that right. I end up questioning myself as to why I even bothered to engage in the first place.

I've been banned, blocked, cursed at, and accused of being all manner of unpleasant things online. It's the internet - if you let it upset you, you'll go nuts.


I also got angry, so... I have to admit: I deserved it)


You got triggered by someone trying to trigger you. Happens a million times a minute all around the globe. I found a video that helped me better understand the phenomenon that's worth a watch.

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