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Github was a free platform for everyone since many years ago

And then Microsoft - the most valuable company on earth - purchased them. If they get fined by the US government they could stand to lose billions, just as Facebook did this week.

As for why the US is singling out Iran, and applying pressure to Microsoft, which in turn sets Github policy, is a matter I'll need experts in geopolitics to explain to me.


The problem isn't with Microsoft acquiring Github, the problem started when Git became centralized in the form of Github! The more centralized a system is, the easier it is for authoritarians to control.


Git is a software anyone can host in any server. People choose github for repository hosting but that's not git.

I think he meant that these days, when so many developers and projects are on GitHub, this is the place to be to take part of the community.


Git cannot be centralized by design. I don't get how people can host all of their code on some company's servers without a backup and blame it when something goes wrong due to politics. And you have to really try to not have a backup when using git.

One problem on GitHubs side of things was the sudden suspensions without warning or notice. GitHub could've at least gave them a heads-up to backup they're current repositories before being suspended. It does not affect me but man I'd be some pissed if it was sudden and without notice.

P/S: why @maciek134 's post don't have reply button but a 'thread' word in that position instead?

@maciek134 That's the problem of identity, our repos, our projects is identified by URLs control by these hosting services anyway.

A solution is having our URLs redirecting to those URLs. But I don't feel so good about it.

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