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I don't know how I could stay in the flow-state while livestreaming, and if I wasn't in the flow-state, I would only embarrass myself. I have done quite a big of recording myself coding, however, for coaching remote devs in different timezones. For example, I would record myself live-refactoring their code and then send them the video to watch at their leisure.

What I have wanted for a while is for my IDE to record my coding sessions (after all, it already has a detailed history of what I type), after which I could share the replay file with whoever is interested...and I couldn't imagine who would be.


If you really really have to focus then, of course, don't stream.

I rather think that if you try to learn something new then you will see people who maybe know more then you and are will try to help you.

Yeah the ide thing would be nice! Also you could then go back as a viewer to a state of the stream where you could check out that file

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