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Discussion on: I was emailed after abandoning a registration form. I did not click Submit. This is not ok.

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Maxime Veber

Let me scare you just a little more. I had same story with PayPal. Didn't click anywhere to pay on PayPal. But the payment has been processed anyway. (and the merchant recorded the order & everything)

Luckily PayPal agreed to refund... But well, it feels bad.

Note: this probably happened because I agree to pay in one click with PayPal. My problem is that... I didn't make ANY click (on paypal).

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Anna R Dunster

I had a PayPal issue in which I purchased an item through vendor A, who uses 3rd party transaction service B. A while later I made another purchase from vendor A, and my PayPal transaction went through without ever asking me for what funding source I wanted to use, and did not use my current default but used the source my first transaction had been through, with no confirmation step or anything. Not exactly the same but not cool.

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Stan Williams

That is scary. I was afraid to ever agree to pay in one click with PayPal an this makes me think I was right