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Discussion on: Do we have a chat channel?

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Meghan (she/her) • Edited on

So some of the pros of using Discord would be that since it's a chat service (versus the post->comments on here) it is much more catered to the more casual conversations such as: music tips, the recent trend in resume review, spread programmer humor memes, as well as the channels to separate categories of talk like Slack. Some other Discord specific features that I know of is integrated VoIP and screen sharing. Having a chat may offer ways to connect to people on a more personal level when it can sometimes feel "unnecessary" to make a whole post about something.

On the other hand, Discord (or any other service) is not You mentioned search, and while Discord's search is phenomenal, the conversations are not indexable or therefor linkable. All the same many of the examples above may be more suited for #discuss depending on the tone that OPs want to post.

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endan Author • Edited on

You forgot to mention Bots. Discord has also good bot support! :D For sure someone here knows how to code bots.

Anyway, regarding the tone, first of all, I would just like to ask simple questions like: *pastes some code* and then ask if I'm doing it the right way.

I know there's Stackoverflow but as you mentioned, chat is more casual and you don't need to worry about a reputation system or whatever. Plus, if you see people online, the more probable your question gets answered fast. Unlike when you post in Stack, your train of thought drifts off and you should wait a couple of hours only to see your question ignored/downvoted.

I don't want to bombard the homepage with #help "Am I doing this correctly?" "How do you refactor this into a more DRY solution?" "Is this the right way of doing Promises?", etc. If I do that, then dashboard will be full of threads by me. I don't want that to happen. I don't want people to confuse genuine asking-for-help with being a spammer. I've been trying to avoid those kinds of questions deliberately but I'm going nowhere regarding on having an answer to them...

I can also understand @mr's and @ben 's comments, about the userbase being split. Unfortunately, I don't have too much opinion about that. But if I'm the one being asked, I'll be active in both. Because I always keep one tab of open and will probably open another tab for chat if it happens. :D