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re: Hm... But why make a mobile app / PWA? works perfectly fine in the mobile browser. I added to my home screen from my Android's google...

iPhone does support it (I use it myself) but the support is not great. Clicking on links opens the tab in the PWA window, and if you close the PWA and then come back to it, it will refresh the "app" and go back to /. While I don't think I'll download the app because the drawbacks aren't enough for me to be that upset with the experience, but native apps are still very necessary for that "real mobile" experience on ios. Mobile safari also doesn't support notifications etc.


Yeah, this is it. Native true-believers may be disappointed that the app will still largely be web/browser-driven.


Ah, I see what you mean. That's pretty annoying. Had that issue before when I added Quora to the home screen (gave up and installed the mobile app). But so far, hadn't had any issues doing this for :D.

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