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Nelson Malbone
Nelson Malbone

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the way im learning Javascript

the way i am learning javascript is to look for projects on instagram or youtube and follow along with them but im also taking notes on why there doing said function. then when i complete it i move on to another project and repeat said process. the next go around i have the code up and a new project up but im using the old project as guidance and changing up the words, functions, elements and try not to look at it and i do this serval times. the next time i do that project i have the old project up but close in go base off my knowledge and the notes that i have taken, i do think that this is a way of setting myself up for failure but i am trying not to think that. this is how i also remember how to get to places with out a gps. i know with javascript there is 100 different ways of getting the same result. but this is just a hobby that i do and something that makes me think and ponder. if anyone has tips or tricks or helpful hints put them down in the comments. (i know my grammer and spelling is bad im also trying to work on that.)

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