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Discussion on: Tailwind is bad because i don't like it

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Mykolas Mankevicius Author
  1. bg-primary-500 means there's still 10 or so variants - you can limit it to whatever is good for you, that's what the config is for, you can disable all colors and only have the ones you need in your design system.

  2. All that formatting is hardcoded in the markup. - You are correct, and this is an actuall problem with Tailwind and themes. I don't think tailwind is well suited for packaging, which is mean to be re-used and customized. The tailwind UI, is a perfect example, you will have to change the classes to match your config/style and make your own components out of them. They provide Vue/React and some other framework, but it will require work to match your design.

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Mykolas Mankevicius Author

But what you have done here is move the goalpost.

Neither me nor Brian talked about using external themes/components.

And i still think this is just as difficult with themes/components. Because you have to understand/find the classes. And while it's fine for something like button. It becomes much more difficult to manage, the more custom things you want with the theme/template/components.

At least with jetstream you can see all the components and see how their styles need to change.
Also you know you can search within specific folders right?
What I would do in this case is change the -red- with -primary-. Jetstream doesn't have that many components.
And then if you add another package you do the same change there.

What you do not do is change the meaning of -red- or -maroon-.

You say just change .btn.btn-primary why is that better than just change XButton.vue component.