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How is COVID affecting your work/job? What did you do to solve it?

nerdycap007 profile image Aman Sharma Updated on ・1 min read

So, we all know that this COVID situation has drastically made things worse for the devs. Infact, many people are losing their jobs because of it.

Another thing that I did not see coming was the degradation of developers' mental health. I am seeing people quit their jobs, because they are not able to handle the pressure and have gotten into self-destructive loops of depression.

I want to know how many people,out there, are affected with this situation. Please share because it will also help other people to relate and feel that they are not the only one.

I am writing this, because even I went through some wierd depressive loops and am currently recovering from it.

Also, share solutions that you think, might help someone.

(My solution was to go back home and spend time with loved ones, which eventually gave me that hope again. Although, getting back home was very difficult.)

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