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Some ideas around social media: research 10-20 companies you want to work for/with and figure out who would be interviewing you for a job at the level you're hoping for. Connect with these people on LinkedIn/Twitter/whatever (include a nice message about their recent articles, projects, company, etc.) and focus on getting noticed by these people. Engage with their posts. Get active posting yourself. If you're going to events, research who'll be there in advance and plan some topics to talk about. Always get a photo of you there with people and post about it. Be inescapably visible to the people you want to work with. Create interesting projects around the things you care about. Document your journey. Start discussions they can weigh in on. Share your thoughts on sector news. It wouldn't hurt to select some brand colours and weave them into your social posts and profile headers using something like Canva, either.

Sorry for the wall of text. Ended up longer than planned.


Thanks Tim! I love everything you've suggested, especially being inescapably visible to the people I want to work with! I have used Canva for some self branding! My resume uses the same colors as my cover letter, and it continues on to Twitter and LinkedIn (banners). I do agree that I should get more active with posting and engaging in discussions, so I will work on that. Thanks again!


No problem and happy it might be of help. For ideas, you could connect with my wife, Annelies James on LinkedIn. Her online social media strategy is kind of amazing and she's had some awesome job offers and opportunities just by interacting with the right people online.

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