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Useful Links for you to Get Started with NetLicensing

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These are a few useful links you might need to kick-start your own #license management powered by Labs64 #NetLicensing

01) Getting Started - https://netlicensing.io/getting-started/
02) Wiki - https://netlicensing.io/wiki/
03) RESTful API - https://netlicensing.io/wiki/restful-api
04) FAQ - https://netlicensing.io/wiki/faq
05) Changelog - https://netlicensing.io/wiki/changelog

About NetLicensing

Labs64 NetLicensing is a first-class solution in the Licensing-as-a-Service (LaaS) sector. Based on open standards, it provides a cost-effective, integrated and scalable platform for software vendors and developers who want to concentrate on their product’s core functionality instead of spending resources on developing an own license management software.

Labs64 NetLicensing website: https://netlicensing.io


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