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Using AIR SDK in Linux

nevergarden profile image Nevergarden Updated on ・2 min read

I was asked to work with Adobe Air SDK for mobile development, so I visited adobe air download page; unfortunately there were no airsdk download for linux.
So I headed to ArchLinux AUR and found out adobe-air-sdk version is outdated.

I was disappointed at that moment cause I had to move into Windows to use air-sdk-32.0. Unwillingly downloaded Windows Compiler SDK and found out the code is written mostly in java ☺️.

So to use AIRSDK in linux, you have to download AIR SDK & Compiler for Windows and then extract it into /opt/adobe-air-sdk.

create /etc/profile.d/

export AIR_HOME='/opt/adobe-air-sdk'
export PATH=$PATH:$AIR_HOME/bin
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now change directory to /opt/adobe-air-sdk/bin and chmod a+x all files except those ended in *.exe or *.bat, you can also remove .exe and .bat files.

You are all set, you also can use java libraries in lib directory.

PS1: adl.exe: is not working unfortunately, it is compiled in PE32 executable format for Windows, so I assume the adl included in MAC version might work in Linux I would appreciate if anyone can check into that)
PS2: You can also use wine adl.exe to launch Air Debug Launcher.


I was able to find a workaround for adl to launch on linux.
First of all my assumption on adl included in mac version was not true, Mac executables are compiled in with some kind of BSD ELF or something which I was not able to make it work.

using wine I was able to even debug my code in VSCode with Josh's extension. all you have to do is to replace adl.exe into adl32.exe and create a bash script:


wine $AIR_HOME/bin/adl32.exe
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