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re: Hi Newton! Flutter or React Native?! Pros and cons? Thank you!

Flutter is still fairly new so a lot of stuff still needs to be implemented either personally or wait for the Google team to do it. React Native, on the other hand, has been around for a while so it's fairly stable. This doesn't mean you can't use Flutter for production. There's already a large community and it's growing daily. There's also a lot of third party packages you can use if a feature isn't implemented yet. So it's a win-win there.

Performance. Flutter uses it's own renderer (Skia) and the code is compiled to C/C++ so it's much faster communicating with the underlying platform and/or hardware. React Native, however, converts the components to their native equivalents. It's a thin line here because the performance difference is minimal but if you're using a lot of high fps animations and graphics then flutter can handle this better.

Documentation and Community support for both is great. You can get Android and Ios from the same codebase on both with flutter adding full support for desktop soon.

There might be a learning curve to Flutter/Dart but it fairly easy coming from a Web background and being familiar with OOP.

Flutter uses widgets, React Native uses components. It's all almost the same.

It all comes down to your own preference. For me its Flutter.


Awesome! Thank you! At the moment my preference is React Native, thank you for your comparison!

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