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Quick Links

Housing repo for all my personal local development config files that I use between different work environments. Holds my bash_profile, bash_prompt, bashrc, and zshrc files

Apps and Tools

The ideal browser that blends together good developer tools with privacy options for your daily browsing

Improve your experience with your terminal

I keep all my public and private repositories on GitHub

Keep track over your time spent coding your various projects

The Cloudflare WARP client allows individuals and organizations to have a faster, more secure, and more private experience online

MacOS Only

macOS system monitor in your menu bar

Move and resize windows in macOS using keyboard shortcuts or snap areas


Blog post explaining how to lock the Dock positions and size

Raycast (Mac Only)

Supercharge your Mac spotlight explorer

Raycast Extensions

  1. Authy
  2. Github
  3. VSCode project manager
  4. VSCode recent projects

Raycast + VSCode

Pre-requisite: Raycast and VSCode are installed

  1. Add the VSCode Project Manager extension to Raycast (
  2. Add the Project Manager extension to VSCode
  3. Open the Project Manager extension in VSCode
    • Save your currently open folder as project
    • You can choose to save various VSCode workspace configuration as Projects as well
  4. View and access your saved projects through Raycast

VS Code

Currently the best, feature rich text editor. You can check out all of my VS Code settings here

VSCode Theme

  • Material Icon Theme
  • Night Owl

VSCode Extensions

  1. Auto Rename Tag Name
  2. Better Comments
  3. Code Spell Checker
  4. Dart
  5. Docker
  6. ESLint πŸš€
  7. Flutter
  8. GitLens πŸš€
  9. glean
  10. Go
  11. Import Cost πŸš€
  12. Kotlin
  13. Markdown Preview
  14. Path Intellisense
  15. Prettier πŸš€
  16. Project Manager πŸš€
  17. Theme Switch πŸš€
  18. Todo Tree πŸš€
  19. WakaTime

πŸš€ = recommended

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