Medium is only an edge server of your POSSE CDN, your own blog is the origin

Nicolas Hoizey on July 31, 2018

This article was originally seen on my own blog, obviously. People tend to be lazy (I am often) and chose the easiest tool to do the job, even i... [Read Full]
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I feel like we've independently came to a lot of the conclusions reached here. Without being really steeped in this specific philosophy, we've tried to make this concept happen.

I'd be curious to hear if you have any feedback on how we can best serve this ideology and make it clear that it's a first-class use case in these parts.


I'm really happy to read you came to the same conclusions!

I'm new to your platform, so it might be too soon to be able to give any feedback, but I already like that you let us add a canonical URL to our Front Matter, and provide a way to create post drafts from a feed.

I see you also provide a feed for my content, so people can use your platform as a source, and POSSE anywhere else.

To really be interesting for POSSE, through, you would have to provide users with the ability to use their own domain. It's the only way they can start publishing there, and be free to move elsewhere later, without losing all canonical URLs they would have put on other platforms.

Not specific to POSSE, I really like the fact you give us a Markdown editor instead of a shiny but very limited WYSIWYG editor. It gives us more features, similar to what we find everywhere in our projects nowadays. We can feel more at home here, thanks to this.


Great to hear the feedback.

Re: Domains, I've always thought of this as sort of an antipattern from a pure technical perspective, especially with things like serviceworkers which really scope to a domain, but always willing to continually have this conversation.

On that note, we will be open-sourcing our code and have the theoretical notion of a decentralized-but-compatible web of similar platforms. We don't have any designs to go too hard into this arena on day one, but it's an idea we're keeping around as a strong possibility.

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