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re: Sharing state using React's Context API VIEW POST


Great post, Sunny!

I'm understanding ReactJS code more the more I look at it. What I really like about this post is you're showing a complicated/confusing way of how a task can be done, then showing how to simplify it using a newer built-in tool (React Context API).

There's a good chance I'll run into a situation like this in the near future and this makes a good piece to refer back to.

It's a great time to be a web developer, lots of innovation and coding standards being improved.


Also definitely let me know what parts of React you found difficult to understand while learning it. I would love to tackle those topics in future articles.


That means a lot to hear that Nick, thank you. I try to be empathic in my tutorials so that someone who is trying to learn something new is not frustrated over complicated wording or assumptions the writer makes of the reader's skills. Showing examples of how I personally did it "the wrong way" and then showing the simpler way I think resonates with a lot of developers.


No problem at all Sunny. I'll let you know if anything comes up through my journey learning React .

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