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Discussion on: How to build your own primitive surveillance system with Raspberry Pi in less than one hour 🔥

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Nick Shulhin Author

Hi siliconhippy!

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it :)

Yes, I probably had to be more specific in networking part: in my scenario I have a dedicated static IP address, which exposes my router.

Regarding a question of making Raspberry Pi IP static: almost in every router there is a functionality to assign static IP within LAN by MAC address, which means particular device will always have a reserved address for this kind of purpose.

Ahah, streaming to Cloud would be amazing, totally agree. However I specifically made this tutorial using only bare-bone solutions without much of third-party software or development. Sure, everything can be done with some amazing API + AWS on top with streaming and data storage/web interfaces.

I'll do my best to publish this project on GitHub, thanks for idea!