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Discussion on: I'm a Junior Software Engineer, Ask Me Anything!

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Nick Shulhin Ask Me Anything


That's awesome that you are studying CS, great choice!

My first development experience was with Pascal, Delphi and C++, however major breakthrough has been done with Java. It was a part of university curriculum, so I couldn't choose much at that time. Now I'm mostly into Scala, since my activity is around big data processing (Spark). My language of choice would be strongly-typed and functional (Go is a next adventure).

Couple of extra advices I would give to any CS student:

  1. You will face "in order to find a job - you need experience. In order to get experience - you need a job" loop at some point in your life. And there is no better solutions to break this loop as to contribute to open-source, make projects or find internships. In my case last option played a major role - after graduation I already had experience via internship, so finding a first job was not a big issue. Fight for any experience: paid, unpaid - the main goal is to get a knowledge + overview of what working in IT industry looks like.

  2. Always learn. Always practice. In IT every day something changes. By the time you will finish reading this post, there are 50+ NPM libraries posted and hundreds of GitHub projects published. Coursera, Udemy, PluralSight - whatever is more suitable for you for continuous learning and research.

Good luck!

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Hello Nick,

I cannot thank you enough for this comment, it is highly objective and resourceful.