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re: This was a fantastic article, and I'm going to share it with my team to read. I recently was doing a code review with a newer developer and I notic...

Thanks for reading.

Consequently I get overwhelmed and rarely build any of the ideas I was thinking about.

Yeah, this sometimes happens to me too. I think it partially stems from there being this trend where you need open source everything you work on from the beginning.

Instead of just getting your hands dirty and solving the problem you have first, you start thinking about trying to carefully code the perfect solution from the beginning because "but people are going to read my code!" or you get side tracked for 5 hours trying to decide on which license to pick.

By the time all of that happens, you throw your hands up in the air and call it quits before you even had a chance to write 1 line of code.

This is the web developer freelance business equivalent of spending a month creating business cards, an LLC and a fancy portfolio site when all you really need to do is talk to a potential client (which you could do in literally 10 minutes without any of that stuff).

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