Are there plans for reviewers of articles we post?

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Since last October, I've started to blog more, and have been slowly adding some articles on dev.to. Usually when I want a review of something, I'll tweet it to the planet and if someone bites, they may review it from my repo on GitHub for an unpublished article. I find this process a little clunky.

I was wondering if there are plans (if not I'm suggesting πŸ˜‰) to allow other members of dev.to to review articles before an author publishes so they can get additional feedback.

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Yes, definitely! @ben has the main idea brewing, but from what I understand, we want to implement a review process similar to Google Docs. We have a tool that currently works, but it's meant for single line comments.

This may not be all that known, but your drafts are shareable via the link. Right now, people can leave comments on that draft, but the issue is that they persist after publishing. I think a cool -- also short term -- solution would be to delete all those comments after publishing.

What you could do right now is write up a draft of your article with "DRAFT" in the title and have people comment under the article. Once you're ready to publish, you can copy and paste over the Markdown as a new article, change the title, and publish the new article.


Nothing is right around the corner, but you can definitely bet this is a use case we want to handle very well long-term.

Synchronous collab like Google docs and async like version control both have a place. The power of a platform like this is that we can collectively keep articles from going scale and overall improve the quality. We're only dreaming of that now, but we'll get there eventually.

Cool beans Ben. No rush, was just curious and I was testing out the #meta tag πŸ˜‰. Collab Google Docs style would be awesome.


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It would be nice if there was an additional flag to make the post "public via link" and not technically posted so you could share it before fully publishing.

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