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my codepens (6 Part Series)

1) Quick Hulk Code Pen 2) A Simple ⭐ Rating Code Pen 3 ... 4 3) A 💩 Notification Code Pen 4) Probably another Battleship board on Code Pen 5) The CSS mask property 6) Toast Messages

Cover photo courtesy of Flickr user steelex709legocreations.

Short and sweet. One of my goals for 2018 is to start doing Code Pens. Here's my first one. Simple and fun. I give you Hulk table rage.

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Nice! Short and sweet indeed.

We also have a Code Pen Liquid tag if you want to use that:

{% codepen https://codepen.io/nickytonline/pen/jYKYWY %}


Thanks Andy. I didn't know you could embed on dev.to.

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