Discussion on: AWS Certified Data Analytics vs Big Data - What's the difference?

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Nick Christoforidis

Thank you very much Tom for your reply

I'll begin from the bottom:

A - Yes, I'm thinking of getting also the AWS Certified Database - Specialty exam. It's brand new and it's also at the beginning of April.

B - Are there any Associate level exam related to data/data analysis?

C - What do you mean "if I have access for free"? Can i find any of the courses for free?

D - And finally, for practice I saw that Qwiklabs has (apart from GCS) AWS hand-on practice sessions. Is that true?

Thank you Tom


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Tom Milner Author

Hi Nick

B - there are no associate level exams related to data/data analysis but the Solutions Architect Associate exam would give you a very good understanding of AWS architectures underpinning Redshift, EMR and other Data services. You will learn about VPCs, IAM and S3 just to name a few

C - I was referring to any training resources your employer/university/other may have available. I am lucky in that my employer makes a number of training services available to us

D - I have never used Qwiklabs, only Pluralsight, LinuxAcademy, Cloudguru and AWS's own tutorials


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Nick Christoforidis

Thank you again, Tom

Interesting. I'm going to take a look at Solutions Architect. In the end, all it matters is to grasp the notion of how all of these services are working alone and together to produce a result.

Thanx Tom