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Amazing tips, Emma!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I just wanted to expand on a couple of them:

  1. Keep learning

I think programmers should also develop the skill of self-learning.

New languages, new frameworks, and new techniques appear all the time (especially in some areas, such as front-end development). Being able to learn and discover things by yourself will give you a great advantage. Don't forget, however, Emma's tip #50 (Don't try to learn everything).

  1. Learn to love constructive criticism

Also, It's a good idea to learn how to give constructive criticism. A couple of years ago, I learned the "sandwich technique":

  • Start saying something positive about what you're evaluating
  • Continue with the things that should be improved. I know it sounds like a euphemism for "the things you did wrong", but it's actually important to frame it like this. After all, the aim of constructive criticism is to help the other person to improve.
  • Finish your evaluation with another positive aspect.
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