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Nijeesh Joshy
Nijeesh Joshy

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Hello World I am Nijeesh

Hello world my name is Nijeesh

I am currently doing my Undergraduate in Mechatronics Engineering in India. Currently looking for opportunities for work on a job or intern in a good company.
When i say i studied mechatronics engineering every one is like "if you studied mechanical engineering why you want to do an IT job ?" and i was like sorry you Heard me wrong " i said mechatronics engineering not mechanical " and they will answer " what is the difference ?"
So i have to explain to them the difference.
I decided to create a online presence so i can show people what i know and what i have been doing and share my experience with them and on the way learn many cool things.
I love to code a lot , Make something and experiment a lot other than web development i loves to do CAD designs , Making cool stuff with Arduino and RPi

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