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5 Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

PHP based web development is what powers today's modern website and web applications. with more than 82% of the entire web, the internet is run by software developed using PHP there is no doubt that is one of the most preferred languages of use for developing web applications and websites.

For many years PHP has stood out as being one of the most common languages being used for the purpose of web development. Even though the language has seen many ups and downs in its due course of time, PHP has had its fair share of Evolution. As time passed by, The level of complexity involved in designing and developing websites kept increasing day by day.

Here is where the idea of a PHP based framework actually works and helps the PHP developer ease the process of creating Complex websites and web applications. It is because of these PHP frameworks that ship development has become possible for many designers and developers alike.

The PHP best framework provides ease of development and designing of code that helps developers simplify the process of web development. The clean well organized code provided by this PHP framework goes a long way in helping the developers create well organised code for development purposes.

Here are the best top 5 PHP based Framework that you can put to use for the process of web development:


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In our chats topping the list of the most appreciated and most easy to use framework is laravel.
Released in 2011, laravel has been the highest ranking framework that has eased the process of web development, and provide multiple benefits to developers and designers for quite some time now. The popularity of laravel can be appreciated because of the fact that it is easily able to handle complex application designing and development processes with ease.

Laravel is able to provide additional security to web applications pretty easily and efficiently. Moreover, the speed and performance provided by level to the applications designed by it are unmatchable to any other frameworks that are out there. Laravel is indeed able to provide stiff competition to all the frameworks that are there being used for the process of web development. Laravel is able to simplify the process of web development by encouraging and easing the commonly used task such as routing, authentication, sessions, and queuing. Laravel is able to provide an exhaustive list of tutorials and documentation available for budding and emerging developers to help them simplify the process of web development and promote constant learning.


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The symfony framework has been the most mature framework that has existed to date. Symphony was launched in 2005, making it the most measured framework that has ever existed. No, the film becomes even close to the maturity level that is provided by this framework. The maturity of this Framework showcases the ability of this framework to hold the trust of developers for more than 15 years. Symfony is an expensive PHP-based framework and is the only framework that has held the standards of PHP web development high.

Many components provided by Symfony has been used in the development of content management systems such as Drupal, and PHP bulletin board. Symphony has become the top preferred choice for many developers due to its unique ability to allow and encourage developers to reuse components and libraries in their web development tasks. Using Symfony you can complete a variety of tasks such as object configuration, templating, authentication, and many more such things pretty easily as well as efficiently. Symphony is able to meet the challenges and requirements fodder development and designing process of enterprise-level based applications pretty easily and efficiently. Over the years, the ecosystem that has been developed by Symphony he is able to meet the expectations of developers and designers, and provide them with a wide variety of resources to use, including tutorials and documentation that is the process of web development easily.


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Codeigniter is a framework that is very light in nature and uses the minimalistic design approach for aiding the process of designing and development for web applications. The file size of CodeIgniter is just 2 MB in the total space consumed by the application. Codeigniter is very much favored for the development of dynamic websites and web applications. Codeigniter offers robust and strong reusable components that support the process of web development and ease it to a drastic level. Adding to the popularity of Codeigniter is its ability To work smoothly and efficiently on different types of shared hosting platforms.

Codeigniter proves to be the right choice for developing lightweight and small footprint applications that run on servers that are simple in nature. There are multiple Codeigniter tutorials available on the internet, along with complete documentation that developers and programmers can use to master this Framework pretty easily.

Zend Framework:

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The next framework to top our list is the Zend framework. Zend Framework is extensible in nature due to its support for agile methodologies and techniques developers and programmers can use for web development pretty easily. If you are looking to develop enterprise level applications using this framework, then you must note that this is going to be a pretty easy task to do so. The amount of customizability that is offered by this framework is incomparable to any other Framework that is there. developers are able to create enterprise-level applications smoothly and efficiently. Even though the amount of features offered by zend is immense, it can be difficult to learn all the tricks and tips considering that the learning curve is pretty long.


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The next framework on our list is Fuelphp. This Framework supports the highly appreciated MVC architecture, as-it-is extendable and unique in nature. The security offered by fuel PHP is immense in nature, as there is no way for any kind of Institution to happen in the application designed by this framework. This Framework comes built-in with different levels of security that are provided to the applications that are built on top of this framework. FuelPHP is apt for designing End to end web solutions that have different kinds of sizes and divide levels of complexity.


So there you have it, we have discussed with you our top 5 picks of web frameworks that promote the use of PHP development and designing. We hope you liked our article and found it informative.

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