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Build your next iOS and Android app with Flutter

Cross platform development has been The pioneer of application development for smartphones. There are many promises and features that are provided by cross platform application development. Applications developed under this category are not only cross platform but also adhere to the user requirement and features extensively. therefore it is in respect for many IT companies to look forward to cross platform application development provided by bees Technologies. These technologies by today's standards are nowhere to fall short of new technologies and they are able to provide stiff competition to your native Technologies.

There is one such Technology that has adhered to and has been compliant with software development principles and techniques that support cross platform application development. flutter is one such technology that is being looked upon by many different IT companies and organizations. Let us look at what flutter has to offer us in the area of cross platform application development.

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Hot Reload

Hot reload is a feature that is seldom found in cross platform frameworks and tools. but flutter as in the first framework to offer this feature. What hot reload means is that you can instantly see the changes in your application as you go along and make changes in your code. Hot reload can save time for compilation by 40% thereby ensuring the productivity of developers. Hot reload promises to instantaneously show the changes that you make to the code without you having to recompile the application. This feature helps you maintain multiple millions of lines of code in an application and you need to see the changes in real time.

Single Code Base

Flutter enables you to have a single code base and concentrate your development efforts on this codebase so that you can simultaneously develop apps for iOS as well as for the Android platform. A single code base ensures that you only have to concentrate and manage on this codebase without diverting your attention to different tools and frameworks. You only have to make changes in one codebase thus ensuring that the changes are reflected for both IOS and Android apps.

Lowest cost and time

Flutter ensures that you have the lowest cost as well as the least amount of time required for you to develop a cross platform application. This helps you to concentrate and focus your efforts on your coding effort. The lowest cost and time ensures that you have an ample amount of time to market your application to your user base.

Multiple Widgets

Flutter supports multiple widgets and functionalities right out of the box so that you can concentrate on implementing your development efforts into your application. There are no other frameworks that support this kind of feature and functionality and flutter is the first one to offer you such kind of functionality. Multiple widgets ensure that your apps are compliant with using such widgets for your application. The users can interact with these widgets and get instant information on notifications without even opening the app. Users are able to interact with the application without even opening the app.

Robust and Secure

Flutter provides a robust and secure platform for you to create apps that ensures full compliance with the modern IT standards that are set by companies and organizations. This robustness and security go a long way in ensuring that your app conforms to the standard of today's IT industries.

Develop for Multiplatform

Using flutter you can ensure that you are capable of developing multi-platform applications that support Android as well as an iOS app. This ensures that your App works flawlessly for these platforms without you having to worry about the compatibility of these apps with these platforms respectively. Flutter Developer and programmers can ensure the compliance of these apps with these platforms when they make use of flutter to develop cross-platform apps.

Easy to learn

Flutter is an easy to learn and understand framework. Any novice developer auto grammar can easily make the use of flutter for developing cross platform apps that are fully supported by android and IOS. These applications work flawlessly on these platforms and they provide performance that is similar and quite competitive to native apps. Such apps ensure that they work easily and efficiently on the supported platforms and provide high performance results for the users of these apps.

Supported by Google

These apps are fully supported by Google who is the owner of the flutter framework and thus this ensures that you get a steady stream of updates and bug fixes as well as improvements that can take your apps to the next level. This can also provide value to your apps as the newer features and functionalities are readily available and supported by your apps and you can make use of them.

Conclusion: So you see that flutter is the next level of development for apps for cross platform capabilities. You should make use of flutter for developing cross platform apps that work as good as native apps without having to worry about the cost or time factors.

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