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Why Python(Django) Development is Growing So Quickly?

Python is the language that has been ever so mature and robust. There has been many developments that are ongoing on top of the python language and framework. These developments are taking place simply because of its various benefits and features that the language has to offer to developers and programmers alike. Why is it that the Python and Django combination has been growing at a steady and rapid pace throughout its history of development? Well, let's find out.

Python has taken the web development world by storm. There has been numerous plugins and tools that have made possible development for python simply because of the versatility of the language. Moreover, the legacy of being the oldest language that is 25 years history has made it an apt platform for many upcoming technologies.

Let's find out the reasons why Python and Django development has grown so quickly in such a short duration of time.

Ease of use

Why has python grown so quickly is simply because of the ease of use that the language has to provide to developers and programmers. The language is simple and easy to read and understand, thus making it very convenient and easy for many novice and experienced programmers to use this wonderful language. Also because if you compare the syntax of code written in python you will see that the language resembles plain english like statements that helps increase the readability and comprehension of code. Thus making it extremely easy for developers to derive what the code is doing and how it is being interpreted by the system.

Multiple plugins and tools

If you have ever used python then you will know that it provides many tools and plugins right out of the box. Because many tools and plugins are already present it becomes very easy for Python Developer to simply use the language to create the application that they need to develop. Because of the availability of different libraries and tools, it becomes very easy to simply use them in the application by developers alike. Therefore it is apt that many developers find it easy to simply implement the concepts and fast pace the development of the web application using python and Django. Django being very stable and secure rund flawlessly on top of python to create and execute the framework and come up with the application that is needed.

Ever eager to help community

Simply because of the sheer maturity that the language has gone in time, that is it has a rich history of 25 years under its belt. Such time is enough for the language to reach its peak maturity stage and come out as an apt language for web development using Django as the framework.

Robust and Rugged features

There are many features that developers find helpful for implementing in their web applications. Features such as security when it comes to using django is very helpful and robust that it prevents misuse by hackers and intruders trying to break access into the web application and find it very difficult and complicated to do so. Simply because of the sheer level of security that Django combined with python has to offer to web applications developed using this language, it is apt to use these combinations to create different web applications and serves the purpose.

Developer friendly concepts

Python and Django concepts are simply so clear and easy to understand that it becomes very easy to develop any kind of web application using the framework. It takes less time for developers to develop the code needed to create different applications. The programming and development concepts are clear and easy to understand such that even developers with little to no experience will also find it easy to understand and implement in web applications.

Supports for emerging technologies such as AI and ML

Many trending and hot technologies such as statistics, Rl, AI, AR, VR and ML are running on top of the python language. So it becomes easy for developers and researchers to use these technologies and get support for such upcoming technologies based projects. Many companies are using the python language to develop various applications that are machine learning and artificial intelligence based.

Conclusion: So you see because of these various features, it is possible that the growth of Python and Django combination has proved to be power packed for developing various web applications.

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