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Why React.js Is The Most Powerful UI library

React JS was introduced to the general public by Facebook as a solution for designing single page applications. React JS has emerged as the leading application framework that is used for designing more than just a single page application.

It is used for designing many web applications and web components per se. due to its unique features it has gained popularity and recognition in such a short span of time. Many developers and designers prefer to use react native because of its simplicity and elegance that the Framework is able to provide to them.

React JS emerged as one of the most powerful frameworks that is used for designing the UI aspect of web applications as well as many web components alike. In this article we will have a look at why react JS is the most powerful UI library.

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Simple to use

Initially react JS was created as a supplement to adding features and functions to the social media application Facebook, but later on Facebook engineers realised that this piece of software could be used as a full fledged software framework that can lead to creation of a wide variety of applications providing different functions to users.

Hence the react-js was born. React JS has been designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to use for many developers and designers. Developers and programmers can use react JS because it is very simple to use and easy to implement for any kind of applications or web applications.

Create Powerful UI components

React JS is mainly used for the creation of single page applications as well as for the work of Designing UI components and user interface materials for many applications. In it is a set of software components that smoke seamlessly to design UI interfaces that can be used in many applications.

Best powerful components can also be reused as react JS supports reusability with a minimum approach to writing new code. This helps developers and programmers to reuse the basic components of GUI interfaces, thereby providing the opportunity to programmers to put left effort into development of code.

Use of JSX

React JS uses the concept of JSX to design and develop components. JSX is a mixture of JavaScript that can be used to embed HTML elements into the code. JSX promotes reusability and component enhancement, as many different frameworks support it.

Update applications in either component or in bulk

Due to the unique feature of react, components can be updated either individually or in bulk depending on the requirements that are set by the user. Reactjs Developer and programmers can update the components depending on the newer features and functionalities that are offered by ReactJS.

This promotes the components to be updated only when required, and when the user demands new functionalities that are supported by ReactJS, then the components can be updated to support the new features and functions as well as to impart them in the application.

Promotes Reusability

React JS promotes the concept of reusability thereby increasing the efficiency of code. Developers and programmers can easily view component code to create new applications or components depending on the feature that they require and want to implement in their code.

Reusability is an extremely important feature that minimises the efforts of developers to write code again and again. reusability promotes component usage as they can be used as it is with minimal changes done to the code for many different applications as well as functions.

Supports MVC model

React JS supports MVC model and this is a huge advantage that is being offered to developers and programmers alike. Because of this feature the business logic stays separated from the view and presentation layer, and each individual component's code can be easily coded down to the functionality that needs to be offered.

Used for Single page application

The main purpose of react JS is to be able to enable developers and programmers to create the UI aspect of applications. React JS can not only be used for only creating UI, but also it can be used for creating single page applications as well.

This provides developers and programmers with the powerful feature of creating single page applications that is not dependent on many components all frameworks. The individual single page application can be created easily and efficiently that works with the coordination of different components.

Open Source standards

React JS is based on the open source standards, and this means that there are no expensive license or subscription fees that need to be paid in order to use the particular software framework. Developer or programmer can use react JS for as much as they like, without the fear of paying any kind of fees or being prosecuted for it.

Conclusion: So you see because of the above features and functions, it is no doubt that reactions is the most powerful UI library ever created. We hope you like this article and found it informative. You can Hire Developers from Nimap Infotech for Web Development.

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andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

React has definitely become the most popular JavaScript framework thats for sure. Out of all of the most used frameworks today neither of them has a mobile alternative that is on the level of React Native yet. I think JSX is easy to learn as well however other developers believe that Vue is easier for a beginner. So it depends on the person.

anilpank profile image

Agreed. What totally empowers React over Angular is the ease of debugging and maitanence. It is much easier to find out in the React code on what went wrong. In Angular legacy code it is a nightmare.

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy

JSX is an abomination