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Overview of Technology Trends In Higher Education for 2021

nimbleappgenie_0 profile image Nimble AppGenie LLC ・1 min read

Education sector digital transformation talks have shifted from “what is it?” to “how do we implement edTech in 2021?” EdTech industry leaders are rethinking technology applications in the educational processes in response to market trends, financial pressure, and growing demand for edTech development companies to optimize educational processes.

As part of this quest, emerging technologies such as AI and ML are finding their way into higher education. AI-powered chatbots address questions about courses, admissions and help desk support. Some other AI-driven apps enhance student learning by enabling faculties to develop comprehensive educational content.

Privacy remains the spotlight for implementing technology in higher education. University campuses are starting to see new roles. One example is Chief Privacy Officer, as ‘Privacy’ jumped to number 2 in the recent EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT issues list released by Edtech magazine.


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